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So the reasons for video calling's (relatively) slow growth may be more societal than technical.

The root cause may be some clunky software and the fact that it requires you to hookup on Facebook (not exactly a paragon of privacy), or it may be due to the same issues e Bay faced when it owned Skype years ago: People just didn't seem to want to be that, well, close.The cameras are in smartphones, laptops, and even new TVs.But even with a push from major companies ranging from Apple to Microsoft, video calls have had muted success, which is a shame.Sure, more bandwidth and lower cost wireless connections would help. A lack of standards and a refusal by the major players to make their services compatible means that video calls are more like appointment viewing than impromptu phone calls.Industry analysts persist in painting a rosy forecast for video calling's future.

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Consequently, most calling still takes place between family and friends.

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