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Committing your personal tales to paper can be a rich and rewarding experience for you to write and others to read..generations to come. Here's how I formulated my corporate escape plan and found a career I truly enjoy.Read more Are your online profiles a bit lacklustre?But the researchers wanted to know if open body language directly In a second experiment, they created profiles on a GPS-based dating app for three men and three women.In one set of profiles, the men and women were pictured in contractive positions — for example, by crossing their arms or hunching their shoulders.So for example, if you’re someone who likes why not list a couple you’ve actually tried?If your trusted person has told you how considerate you are, can you or they think of a time when you actually did something thoughtful for someone else?

A 2016 study tested this phenomenon in two settings: speed dating and online dating.In a follow-up experiment, the researchers had another group of people rate the profile photos on openness and dominance.As it turns out, when people were rated high on openness, they were likely to be rated high on dominance, too.This effect was slightly larger for women selecting men.In other words, it would seem as though open body language does, in fact, cause people, especially men, to seem more attractive.

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