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:: 2am Labour unseats Conservative junior minister Jane Ellison from Battersea in south London by Marsha de Cordova.

:: 2.20am SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson loses his Moray seat to Conservative Douglas Ross.

The Labour leader gained 40,086 votes in North Islington.

The Conservatives won 6,871 votes, while the Lib Dems and the Greens had :: 3.12am Labour gains the constituency of Peterborough from the Conservatives after a recount.

Britain will have a hung parliament, after a catastrophic election night for the Conservatives.

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:: 1.10am The Conservatives fail to take one of their top target seats in Wales, casting further doubt on whether Ms May will win a substantial majority.

Labour MP Ian Lucas held on in Wrexham, with both Jeremy Corbyn's party and Theresa May's party up around 5,000 votes.

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Mr Johnson takes 23,716 votes, a majority of 5,034 ahead of Labour's Vincent Lo.

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