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Linked-lists and sets, on the other hand, do not support random access or pointer arithmetic.The vector data structure is able to quickly and easily allocate the necessary memory needed for specific data storage, and it is able to do so in amortized constant time.C vectors do not support in-place reallocation of memory, by design; i.e., upon reallocation of a vector, the memory it held will always be copied to a new block of memory using its elements' copy constructor, and then released.

The size of the vector refers to the actual number of elements, while the capacity refers to the size of the internal array.

In this noncompliant example, the two iterators that delimit the range point into the same container, but the first iterator does not precede the second.

On each iteration of its internal loop, compares the first iterator (after incrementing it) with the second for equality; as long as they are not equal, it will continue to increment the first iterator.

Like all other standard library components, they reside in namespace std.

The following containers are defined in the current revision of the C standard: was that it solves two problems of the C-style array: the lack of STL-like interface and inability to be copied as any other object.

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When new elements are inserted, if the new size of the vector becomes larger than its capacity, reallocation occurs.

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