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For many, though, the future is confined to making it through the day. The government on the French side has reported an official death toll of 11, but an assessment of the full extent of the islandwide destruction may be weeks or months away.

Luce Kabache, the principal of a kindergarten who survived the storm with her family by hiding in a closet, saw one of her students and her parents passing in a vehicle. The island will have to start from scratch, creating itself anew, physically and psychologically.Now, more than a week after the hurricane, a delicate order has been restored, for the most part.But there is still almost no fuel or electricity, and food delivery, for now, remains erratic.Hourslong lines wind through the port, as families, tourists and migrant workers alike wait for aid, receiving an odd assortment of items that on some days include frozen chicken and a three-pound bag of mozzarella cheese — on an island with no power and few working appliances to cook or refrigerate them.With little phone or internet service, residents rely on chance encounters to learn the fate of their neighbours and loved ones.

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The woman carried a small suitcase, enough for her and her child to try to start over.

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