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I was upset and I didn’t know what to say, but I didn’t want to let the moment pass without addressing it.Can you tell me why you thought that was an appropriate response to finding out my daughter was in a new relationship?I sketched it out on paper and my mother in law, Sally, helped bring it to life.I wanted Hannah to have a bag that allowed the screen exposed at all times, adjustable straps, and fun cool fabric! Later in 2012, we decided to change it to a more universal logo/acronym because not just special needs individuals were using CHAT Bags.” Q: Re: How to throw a grown-ups–only party: As someone who throws an annual adults-only Halloween bash, with copious booze and non–kid-friendly Halloween decor, there is another dimension to what you’re talking about: specifically, the possibility of legal liability.On the off chance that you were to get a visit from the cops (if the party got a little loud) and they saw kids there, you could be on the hook for endangerment of a minor, regardless if the kid is well-cared for or not.The problem is that some girls in our large friend group (who we’re around a lot but aren’t close to) think I’m better looking and loudly make fun of us during get-togethers: I must “really like his personality,” et cetera.

That’s not forgiving and forgetting, that’s ignoring. “When I told you about my daughter’s new boyfriend the other day, the only comment you had to make was about the color of his skin. The CHAT Bag was inspired by our daughter, Hannah, who has Down Syndrome, Autism, and Apraxia of Speech.In 2010, Hannah's school decided to try out the Apple i Pad 1 with her to see how she would do using it as a communication device.CHAT Bag went online in January 2012 and has sold to several families in all of the US states and in 10 countries. Whether the i Pad is a being used as a AAC device, email, blog, facebook, twitter, etc.we are always CHAT Bags now offer a twill or denim solid color fabric for the body of the bag, cotton fabric for the center strip that goes between the straps, which offers a variety of choices/designs, and adjustable polypropylene straps.

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Hannah was off and running with her i Pad in her CHAT Bag . However, people noticed Hannah's bag and asked where she got it, and after several inquiries we noticed there was a need and a desire for others to have CHAT Bags. Parents, teachers, students, business owners, and therapist were also using them.

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