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Depending on the structure of the record, this can be quite a few values.

There s a better approach than simply enumerating a potentially long list of parameter values.

These collections are persisted to the ASPX source file and bind live data to a method s formal parameters in a declarative manner. To understand declarative parameters in data source controls, take a look at the following code snippet: The bound object data source contains a method named Load, which takes a single string parameter named id.

You declare the source of the parameter data and how it binds to a given formal parameter on the method s signature. The data source control automatically invokes the Load method passing the information returned by the Control Parameter object.

Internally, the methods will fall into some raw ADO. How can you tell the Object Data Source about this entity class?

You use the Data Object Type Name property: Note that when you set the Data Object Type Name property, any parameters collection for update, insert, and delete operations is ignored.

This post was going to be a rant about how using the Object Data Source was impossible to handle exceptions thrown while retrieving or updating data.

After some experiments and reading some misleading posts I saw only three possible ways: Luckily I accidentally found the right way to do it while looking at the Event Args class properties for the Selected event.

The Object Data Source control enables developers to associate data or business layer classes with the ASP. I covered some aspects of the Object Data Source control in "Cache In Using the Object Data Source Control" specifically, the object instantiation and data caching.The Object Data Source control wraps a good deal of internal tasks, and its overall performance is slightly worse than classic binding.So you might be happy to pay extra for quicker programming; but would you pay more to get less?When the Object Data Source calls your data object, if the result is an exception it will call your post event event-handler (Selected, Deleted, etc).The Event Args has two properties for managing exceptions, one is the Exception itself, the other is a boolean, Exception Handled.

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Methods of such classes can be designated as methods for data-bound controls to execute common operations, such as select, delete, update, and insert.

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