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Kissing, then blowing each other, until it becomes not just a show, but a full on gangbang.And you’ll definitely want to see these hardcore and raw penetrations. Apparently these guys did, since they knew exactly what to do when wrapping cum-guzzler Brandon to one and taking turns fucking him raw and breeding him.Tobias is somewhat timid, but doesn’t fight Scott’s advances too hard, so Scott tells him he’s gonna love it, pulling Tobias’ shorts down and immediately gulping on the cock in front of him.Damien Stone is bulging through his underwear while groping Tobais’ ass, preparing him for the onslaught that is to come.Ashton Mc Kay and Tobias can’t keep their hands off each other’s hot bodies. He goes all the way down getting it ready and wet enough to drill his hole.It’s a rush to see the sparks fly between them, as they feverishly go to town sucking, rimming and fucking raw. Unfortunately for Cliff, the maid catches him in full action! Tobias has the most annoying alarm clock that never seems to wake him up.Izaak attempts to facefuck him into oblivion, and like a trooper Tobias keeps sucking even when pushed to his limits.

Following Tobias back to the locker room, Scott tells him that he knows a few ways to help Tobias loosen up.Ass to mouth, Damien penetrates deep into tobias’ ass with his tongue.This debautcherous scene ends with Tobias face down and ass up with Damien slaming him from behind, riding him until they both cum.The guys are horny and need to blow off some steam.Good thing that Charlie Pattinson is willing to take their huge cocks in mouth and beautifully round ass.

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