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So, why all the cryptic posts, seemingly aimed at Gronk? New England Patriots playboy Rob Gronkowski may have lost his main cheerleader, Camille Kostek.What has people perplexed is whether Kostek is Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend?After two years of being in a rumored relationship, neither Gronk nor Kostek have confirmed that they are dating.She's been posting various photos on social media wearing Gronk's jersey -- and attending Patriots games in various cities (she's currently in Houston) ... Especially after she says she deletes some comments because it’s not appropriate for her young girl fans. Really wish he would throw her to the curb Ignore them it's nothing you got your shit together the C word from a fat loser crushing on CK shouldn't phase you one but you're spilling facts it's not like you're lying don't take it to heart hun💜💙💙💜 they aren't anyone just delusional idiots like her Yeah recent articles call her an ex and no pics since may really how is she a gf if they were together like when they were a fling she'd be posting pics like she did before of her and him together and why not anymore ? Cause she's NOT his gf [email protected] it's funny how you think you know everything. [email protected] says someone who stalks on her friends page just to say [email protected] I’m not trying to convince the world that I’m dating Gronk when I’m not, so I’d say your bff takes the more Delete Commentnewenglandborn1987Delete my comment @sydneyweymouth? If you were her friend you would tell her to grow up.Camille Kostek posted a sexy photo of herself, wearing nothing but a Gronk jersey on her Instagram account just over a month ago.And, in a clip from Barstool Sports, Kostek was labeled as Gronk’s girlfriend, to which she did not refute.

If you see inappropriate comments, then please report them by clicking the report abuse link aside the comment.New England Partiots’ Tight-end, Rob Gronkowski and cheerleader, Camille Kostek are rumored to have been together since 2015, but there are mixed reports lately that the two have split.The recent hot photos on Kostek’s social media accounts of the two have definitely added fuel to the fire and made fans even more confused. He tells her dumbass what she wants to hear so she can shut up if he loved her trust he would treat her like a gf or a wife she's not treated like that at all I mean look at his brothers they love their girlfriends and post pics with them etc When has Rob ever done that and come out saying that she's is just that baby boo pic but that's it that doesn't mean anything especially when his sources released they were NEVER official and 100% NOT dating and her dumbass still says the people that matter know the truth yeahhhhh ok She called you the C word. Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete.

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