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D., a psychologist in Princeton, New Jersey, and a coauthor of that she’s pretending and that she understands what a boyfriend actually is, so she doesn’t get confused.

“Tell your child that, at her age, she can have friends who are boys but not real boyfriends,” says Kennedy-Moore.

If you are genuinely comfortable with your daughter and her boyfriend sleeping in the same room, let that guide your decision.

But if you have any reservations, it’s your right to say no—and not feel an iota of guilt.

A 2010 survey of 1,770 Yale undergraduates (in other words, serious smarties) revealed that only 64 percent had ever had sexual intercourse.

And everyone, including (like it or not) your kids, searches for it.Your four-year-old says that she has a “boyfriend.”Relax.Just because your daughter is chasing boys on the playground does not mean that she’s going to be boy-crazy later in life.Let her know that her threat is hurtful and that you don’t want to see this drive a wedge between you. “Tell her, ‘I promise to always respect your house rules if you respect mine,’” says Madison.Treating her like an adult, not like a kid being told what to do, will help.

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