Dating practices in fiji

Fijians are some of the most friendly people in the world and are eager to welcome you as a guest into their villages and homes provided you respect their traditions and customs.

This will provide a fascinating insight into their traditional way of life and adds a unique element of depth to your Fiji holiday. It's like a barbeque, only a little more smoked, and a very efficient way to cook large quantities of food at the same time.

The order of serving depends on the status of those present, from the highest-ranking chief down.

Presented to the Turaga Ni Koro (traditional head of the village) it will be ground into a powder, added to water and served in the Turaga Ni Koro's house.The instruments are percussion (hardwood gongs, bamboo tubes, beating sticks etc).For the Meke the performers wear garlands of flowers (Salusalu), the men wear full warrior costume and the women, in traditional clothes, glisten with scented coconut oil.To make your own you'll need - Dig a hole 60cm (2ft) deep and 72cm wide.If the soil is damp, spread a layer of ash in the bottom of the hole before putting in the stones and wood.

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Wrap a shoulder or leg of pork or ham in foil (and/or chicken, fish or lamb) and place in the oven.

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