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He was naked, cum glistening on his still-turgid cock. He was probably inexperienced, too, so might cum quickly if I had to suck him off. " he asked, taking a moment to flick his finger against the cage surrounding my cock, causing me to flinch. "I think the look suits her." Except for my head, I was completely, permanently hairless.She said it would make the tattoos she had planned easier; so far, there was just one - the word "sissy whore" in lower case letters on my left ass cheek. As if having to clean the house while wearing a red lace panty and bra set with six inch stiletto heels, and a butt plug shoved up my ass wasn't bad enough. I struggled up the carpeted stairs, teetering precariously on the ridiculous heels.

All I was now was whatever my stepdaughter wanted me to be.

I had to punish her for embarrassing me." A few friends, hell, I thought to myself, not missing a beat with my tongue. I hated the humiliation of being forced to suck cock even more than licking the fresh semen from my stepdaughter's cunt, but I knew from experience what Mistress Stephanie could do to me if I ever disobeyed.

Twenty-six couples, and before I even got to the first woman, I had to take each of the men up my ass or suck them off. "That's enough, slut," she suddenly said, roughly shoving me off the bed with a stocking-covered foot. He's going to be late for class if you don't hurry up, and if he IS late, I'm going to let HIM take it out on your ass!

"She does have a cute ass," he commented offhandedly, shoving his thumb up my shitter. As the familiar pain began shooting up my spine, I heard the click of a camera, and Stephanie's voice. He'll be in your class next semester, too." "That's right, Teach! "You got four years to make sure I'm class valedictorian! Sure, I'd always been a loner who never stuck up for himself, but it wasn't until my sophomore year that things changed for the worse. Even 20 years later, I'm still undecided on that point, but I can still remember the day it all started.

" I was the head of the high school social sciences department. ************ I guess it was bound to be my fate, though. I was sixteen years old, with a terminal case of raging hormones so typical of teenagers.

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