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The wet cotton of her panties protected her slightly, but a pink stripe showed on her cheeks where the belt had connected.

Again the belt descended, higher up this time where no flesh was exposed, but the sharp crack and waggle of the brunette's hips betrayed the fact that her knickers were scant protection. " breathed Naomi as the third blow whipped over her round, pinkening bottom, and a fourth followed, this time slapping home on the tender undercurve of her full rear end, eliciting a higher pitched cry from her.

It'd been a frantic two weeks since the first time they awoke together in Christina's pee-wet bed and admitted they wanted to awaken together every day. "You're just a naughty, dirty little slut," hissed Christina, stopping tweaking Naomi's boobs long enough to slap her hard across the face again. She moaned as the spittle dripped from her chin, lost in lust.

They'd discussed what had happened between them, what they wanted to happen, how their increasingly disgusting fantasies were intertwining, and were overjoyed to find that neither repelled the other - they simply adored, desired and loved each other. Stopping her pacing in front of Naomi, Christina took the shorter girl's chin and tilted her head back to look at her face. I like peeing myself." Christina continued to maul Naomi's big, soft tits. What sort of dirty, disgusting slut pisses her panties on purpose? Gripping her shoulder, Christina turned and shoved Naomi so that she faced into and fell across her desk.

With an open palm, Christina suddenly slapped Naomi across her left cheek, rocking the brunette back and making her gasp. Christina gripped each of Naomi's nipples through her blouse, twisting them roughly, eliciting a moan from her lover. Christina flipped the navy skirt up over her back to show Naomi's pissy knickers and bottom to the room.She knew that Naomi loved the anticipation as much as the act - that was how she'd discovered her love of using her panties as a toilet after all, as she loved to wait and wait until she was desperate.The voluptuous brunette had also developed a love of being punished too, but liked the delay, the build-up, too.Christina smiled cruelly, as she knew Naomi would be in turmoil, not knowing exactly what pain to prepare for - the solid thwap of the paddle, the sting of the cane, or...She whipped her arm downwards, the leather belt curling across Naomi's wide cheeks with a sharp slap.

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