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There is no sense in everyone else having to spend the same number of hours in research as I did, although spending time in beautiful old libraries is a most enjoyable pastime that I recommend to everyone. This was a common type of truss also used by the Romans as a form for long concrete spans. For example, he shows sections along with call-outs for building materials, such as concrete, in the Coliseum and Pantheon. Note that the original text was dated 1896 so recent discoveries like cracks in the Pantheon dome are not included; however it is still a good research tool. You will meet some of the nicest people in the world there who seem always ready to help. If you are researching Roman history, archeology or engineering, then you must visit this site. Thayer, Bill, Vitruvius - Ten Books on Architecture this is the full on-line text of Vitruvius's famous book retyped by Bill Thayer. She details the construction of the aqueducts after many years of study in Rome. The volcanoes provided the pozzolan from their ash to make Roman concrete. The Romans compacted their concrete, thereby minimizing the voids to give Roman concrete greater strength. Of Greek and Roman Antiquities London WCI B 60G United Kingdom Phone 01 Bodelian Library University of Oxford Broad Street Oxford OXI 3BG United Kingdom Phone Oxford (01865) 277000 Ashmolean Library University of Oxford Kent Institute of Art and Design Canterbury Library New Dover Road, Canterbury Kent CTI 3AN United Kingdom Phone 01227 769371 Universit di Roma - "La Sapienza" University of Rome A copy in the Engineering faculty library and another in the Architecture faculty library Rome, Italy University of Guam, Library UOG Station, Mangilao, Guam 96923 5. of Religion and Classic; See the Constructor Magazine article above for details on the class taught in 2003. The Comprehensive Chronicle of World History by Dr.Provides links and commentary on 100's of sites including 70 specific sites that deal with the Pantheon alone. Research focuses on ancient ceramics, mortars, cements, concretes, synthetic (man made) stone and building arts representative of ancient civilizations. 10 King provides a very brief history of Rome with the make-up of the government and the legions. Provides some of the best information on Roman construction methods that we have. Such information as the type of bricks and specifics on Roman concrete in the various aqueducts are carefully presented; it was her life study. Good location maps for future research on pozzolan materials. Universities performing research in ancient concrete and construction [Top] University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, USA Renato Perucchio, Ph D; Assoc. Frank King [Top] The Comprehensive Chronicle of World History Volumes I through IV, Frank King, Ph.The Los Angeles Police Department has opened an investigation into a rape accusation against “Gossip Girl” star Ed Westwick, after Westwick’s accuser, actress Kristina Cohen, filed a police report with the department Tuesday, Deadline reports.According to Deadline, the report states, “Suspect forced victim to have intercourse inside his residence …three years ago.” Westwick denied the accusation via social media earlier Tuesday.“I do not know this woman,” Westwick said Tuesday in a statement on Twitter.

Download a full PDF version of the Sept 2002 issue from their archives or you can obtain the individual articles here: - The Secrets of Roman Concrete by Ben Herring - The Pantheon: Crown Jewel of Roman Concrete by David Moore - A Strange Obsession, a Monumental Achievement - an interview with David Moore by Stephanie Miller - Meet the Miracle Man of Construction Education - an interview with David Macaulay by Stephanie Miller - Attention Educators!

It has allowed societies to develop, flourish and expand. He recorded that during his excavations, he broke literally hundreds of picks removing the upper levels of cover debris to get at the older ruins of the palace he was interested in. Orchard is a fine scientist who experimented with concrete materials which are recorded in his book. The book is required reading for historians and those wanting a technical background on Early Rome (not easy to understand, but important). Chapt 4 discusses Roman concrete in detail, althought the description of how lime-mortar works on p73 is not quite right. This thick volume is filled with other technical information on the ancients. For questions or comments about Roman concrete or similar topics, contact David Moore at: See the About section for more information about David Moore and this web site.

Learn how its relatively simple formula has changed the world and how bold, new concepts have opened the door to exciting possibilities of design, creation, form and function. The cover debris was probably from a newer palace that was built over the older one. It is a detailed architectural and archeological study of the building, with many important engineering observations. This book gives sketches of unusual Roman construction practices. Neuburger was an astute researcher who was able to acquire many facts about Roman construction. He found the unusual case where crystalline silica was cut so fine (ground up) that it had a reaction with calcium. Chapt 8 gives good background information on the Emperor Hadrian and his role on the Pantheon. This book mentions concrete and the use of concrete forms by the Romans.

We have not had the time to annotate every reference as yet, but more comments will be added in the future.

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Below are all the references from the book, along with my commentary on their content and relevance to this issue. This book tells of the large steel trusses (Burr type) used to span 328 feet at the Lakehurst blimp hanger; they are similar to the design used in the wooden bridges the Romans used to cross the Danube River (shown in stone on Trajans Column). For instance, Doumas points out in the book that "circular troughs which the locals used to water their animals were actually heavy prehistoric mortars made of local volcanic stone." This island is an archaeologists dream to see if the ancients used volcanic ash in making concrete products similar to the Romans. He defines Roman building practices and adds support to the Roman practices given in Morgans book "Vitruvius-The Ten Books On Architecture." He cites Roman concrete making details (a little hard to read at times to get the technical meaning); some say he copied Vitruvius, but I truly reserve judgment. Many of the sections of Roman buildings have dimensions and are to scale. The text mentions form marks on the faces of the concrete foundation of the Flavian Palace in Rome around [???? This is important evidence of early concrete construction methods.

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