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Peer Guardian 2 is Open Source, meaning the program code is available online for anyone who wants it.Not only does this allow you to make modifications or even branch off into your own project, but it encourages peer review of the code making sure any bugs are eliminated swiftly.Peer Guardian Lite is a derivative of Peer Guardian 2 made to consume as little CPU and RAM as possible.It has no UI or options and consists of a single tray icon.In 2007, Bluetack/Peer Guardian 2 were criticized for blocking, the second largest Bit Torrent tracker as of December 2007, as an "Anti-P2P" address, and claiming that its maintainers (whose tracking software "Opentracker" is also used by The Pirate Bay) were conspiring with the MPAA and Media Defender.The maintainers are members of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), a long-standing association of hackers and freedom of information activists, and had also briefly run their tracker from the CCC's own network.- This fixes a couple bugs, updates some urls, and adds a new feature:- Update servers will be auto-allowed while updating, and then go back to regular settings (ie if they are blocked) when it's done.

It is also open source, allowing for future derivatives by any party.Peer Guardian acknowledges that Battlefield 2, Blizzard, Steam, and Arena Net connectivity is blocked, which creates problems for many online gaming users who are not aware that Peer Guardian will break game connectivity, and are thus directed to read the manual.With the blocklist manager application, users can add these sites to a "Safe list" allowing them to continue using the Games and websites without interference from Peer Guardian.The blacklist is stored in a number of different formats: The binary formats (known as P2B) were created at the release of the first beta version of Peer Guardian 2, in order to create the smallest possible blocklist.The original format for Peer Guardian version 1.x was a simple plaintext format.

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Unfortunately this meant that lists became very large and cost a lot of bandwidth to distribute, heralding the construction of the smaller binary formats.

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