Pro and cons of dating

The unspoken obligation to make one’s partner happy is ultimately self-damaging.A strong, healthy relationship is built upon devotion and dedication.Through hanging out with their significant others and enduring breakups, they become better communicators.They learn to compromise with other people and do what’s best for both parties.Oftentimes, one feels pressured to do whatever it takes to satisfy his or her significant other.

Having a girlfriend or boyfriend helps to expand one’s viewpoints on the world.

If you truly do care about the other person, you have to consider their hopes and dreams as much as your own. If you stay together, are you moving to the same city? These are all HUGE questions that can determine the course of your life.

There are some nights where you just don't want to do anything.

This experience allows them to reflect on their own thoughts and explore their partner’s new perspectives on life as well.

Young people who date are able to acquire more relationship experience.

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High school dating gives an individual firsthand experience, which can prevent him or her from receiving unfair treatment in the future.

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