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James slumped with his head in his hand, pushing his porriage around his bowl with his spoon.'I hate this stuff' he growled, pushing it aside, and staring moodily at Peter. Claire: Yeah i read fan fic, but i havn't uploaded my own before!James: And teachers are meant to teach these children things! Remus pulled out his wand, levitating the food back onto the table. You're looking a little peaky.' James said to Remus. ''I told you not to use that phrase.' growled Remus.'Or Pmt' added Sirius.'Can I say your furry little problem then? ''No one will find out' said Sirius, nibbling carefully on a biscuit.'Don't say anything.You guys are the only ones that know, and I want to keep it like that' a wolfish look passed over Remus' face, as the fourth member of the Marauders sat down.Around about the end of their fourth year at Hogwarts! 'Sorry mate' he said as the first year looked creastfallen at the food. ' asked James, trying to reach over the table to them, disturbing a first years plate which clattered on the floor.Remus inspected the book cover, before picking it up.'Can I read this? Remus gave a smile, picking up the book titled 'The seven uses of Slumber Potion', flicking it open at a random page and reading.Sirius suddenly nudged James, nodding towards the doors to the Great Hall.

Meet Arab single men and women online dating in your local area Ready for an Arab meet? Luxy is the right place for you to find Arab singles on Luxy. On Luxy, we will help you meet with Arab man and women. COMPLETE I do not own Harry Potter, or any of its characters, i just own this story line that i created from my amazing beautiful imagination! I'll try and update as much as i can but might be difficult with all this homework the damned school is giving me! They dont think that Claire has time to spend with us! Remus Lupin trudged grumpily down to the Great Hall, his two best friends, James Potter and Sirius Black at his side.'Did you see me catch the Snitch from right under his nose? And when Tony accidentally hit Piers in the face with his bat' winced Sirius. They are helping improve your mind for a better life in the future. They don't think you have nothing else to do when you get home, so they give you homework!Kiran, who ran with her two best friends to raise £3,800 (,000) for Breast Cancer Care, explained: 'On the marathon course, sexism can be beaten.Joe de St-Denis: Ce tchat réunionnais est vraiment super.

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