Dating and marriage customs in afghanistan

2) Figure out what kind of payoff you’re getting from being resentful. Do you feel better after you’ve stomped around the house and/or told your friends what a jerk your husband/wife is?

I’ve found that when I complain about something to others, it takes just enough of the steam out of equation s.

She’d tried a few different things, like marital therapy, etc., but nothing seemed to be working.

This is what happened to us this past week, when we got the yucky news about our friend, which caused us to take a step back and reevaluate where we were and where we were going. 2.4.15 UPDATE: I love to hear from my readers, and I read every single email and comment you send me.I had to learn everything from experience, and it’s been a blast.Places frequented by tourists in Medellin are more saturated with foreigners than before.As other readers chime in, you’ll also get a wider range of advice.If you’d like more detailed advice on the steps I took to reboot my own marriage, please take a look at my book .

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You can only do it so long–eventually, it’s going to pop right up out of the water, probably when you least expect it. I’ve been thinking a lot about resentment lately, and trying to figure out how to let it go.

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