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Only down fall is every single man on the planet is wearing it. I get about 5 -6 hours solid before it's starts to become skin scent.I don't like to smell like every other man so this one sits for rainy days.... Glad I have it in my collection though, it is a mature masculine scent that's very versatile It is good but not wow. When I am kinda indifferent to the occasion I just put this scent on and go out. Sillage and projection is heavy for 4h, then strong/moderate.Online shops offers: The Perfume Shop 5 items for 52.00 - 87.00 2 items for 56.00 - 59.00 GBPFragrance UK 1 product for 57.77 uk 3 items for 66.45 - 86.35 GBPFragrance 1 product for 75.74 USDSaks Fifth Avenue - UK 1 product for 99.65 GBPView products...Bleu de Chanel by Chanel is a woody aromatic fragrance for men which will hit the shelves in 2010. The fragrance features labdanum, nutmeg, ginger, sandalwood, patchouli, mint, jasmine, grapefruit, citruses, vetiver, incense, cedar and pink pepper.Perfect fragrance for spring, summer, fall: work, date, clubbing.... I can say this is one of my favourites, well done Chanel.Very romantic scent with that chanel dna written all over it.

To be quite honest if someone came with a tester and told me that this is a new perfume from Bershka costing 3,99€ for a 30ml bottle I would totally believe him. Life is too short for such a boring and basic perfume. Just another blue sport cologne I smelled better that are less expensive Nothing special especially considering the price. The most overrated and most forgettable best seller of all time.

if you compare it to the list of “smells like” you will notice that all these frags were released AFTER Bd C. It probably was very original 7 years ago but I get reminders of Le Male, Pure Havane and Cool Water all blended together. Projection (Sillage): 4 out of 5 – heavy; People can smell you coming. Sauvage is more like 3ft for 2 hours then 1-2 ft for another hour and a half ! If you want to get at least 9 hours of longevity and good projection/sillage you need to apply at least 6 sprays.

It has a lovely sillage as opposed to the skin scent; way better in the air than on the skin. However, if not compared to anything, bleu de chanel is a simple but actually really pleasent scent which is mass appealing and difficult not to like.. No need to worry it has a moderate projection, you won't suffocate people with it, compare it with D&G The one EDP/EDT.

The incense note is intresting, I see many people voted that this is a highly detectable note, but I don’t get too much… Projection: 3/5 (about 90 minutes - two hours tops). The quality of this scent is pretty good and the performance is slightly above average. Over priced crap strong FRESH nectary and smokey smell first time i smelt it, it felt like i was being hit by a drill right between the eyes..the nectar is trying to drill into your skull, i'm talking about like the shit humming birds drink all day, that kind of nectar. It's the Best summer fragrance ever Um for those in the comments, saying it's generic and not unique ,it's not generic, it was the ORIGINAL, it was soo good that everyone copied it. To me, when I smell BDC up close, it has a synthetic chemical smell to it. Although it's very commercialized and heaps of other people are wearing it too, so it gets boring really quick.

So, the scent is great, very versatile, has 10 hours longevity, but the sillage is totally average. Versatility: 3/5 (Late spring , summer & anywhere). I personally sold this one after purchasing sauvage because I find the performance of this one to be underwhelming... it's a classic timeless fragrance, almost every store will tell you it's their best seller. it's literary the most expensive designer fragrance you can buy (By desiner i mean not niche). The overall smell is without any character, no personnality. BDC To me, when I smell this fragrance on others... Now it's just sitting in my drawer and never worn since I moved back to tropical country. It has very distinctive heavy sillage that I can instantly recognize on anyone who is wearing it. It projects an aura of being cheap and unprofessional.

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