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Around the world, the finest real estate firms are…ERA Real Estate has been in the business of fulfilling the dream of home ownership since 1972 as Electronic Realty Associates.

Today, it is the fourth largest real estate brand in the world.

Find out how staffing firms can adopt workplace safety standards and measure continuous safety improvement.

Raise the safety bar for the staffing industry with a Safety Standard of Excellence designation.

LEPs were set up on a volunteer basis without any public funding and struggled to make progress.

We were established in 2009 and have quickly become one of the most respected property service…The Real Net Property Group was established at Pretoria in 1996.Huizemark is a real estate company that has been in business for close on 50 years.The industry has enjoyed unprecedented growth in recent years, offering excellent returns for those willing to seize the opportunity.They carry out some of the functions previously carried out by the regional development agencies which were abolished in March 2012.In March 2017 Northamptonshire LEP merged with South East Midlands LEP under the name and aegis of the latter, so that to date there are now 38 local enterprise partnerships in operation. On 29 June 2010 a letter was sent from the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to local authority and business leaders, inviting proposals to replace regional development agencies in their areas by 6 September 2010.

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